Food Networks Halloween Wars - A Travesty

Food Network…... Team Boo won last Sunday even though you handed the victory to the undeserved Team Bling Bats. I don’t know why you did this. I assume it’s because Team BB whipped Team Boo’s pumpkin arse during the previous 4 meetings that you pitied Team BB’s surprisingly dismal finale and handed them the jumbo check. If the competition was based on accumulated points, your decision would stand uncontested. But it wasn’t. There was no score board, no tally, no physical proof to support your decision. So like dictators who refuse to justify their position because they can’t, as the producers of Halloween Wars, you cheated because you could. Nice job.

And Judges……I said you were bland before but now, at my most generous, I would add “wrong” and at my most honest, I’d say you guys are tools. You discredited your qualifications as “experts” and destroyed any belief of impartiality and honesty. You both (I only address the two regular judges because the celebrity judge is as useful as an apron stain) aren’t blind so you were probably pressured by the producers to set aside your true views and verbalize their decision. I hope the paycheck they gave you blunted the pain of swallowing your integrity.

Team Bling Bats….you guys consistently schooled Team Boo but in that last round, even you have to admit, YOU. GOT. SERVED. You know that, the judges know that and so do we.

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