More Shoes I Can't Wear

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Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Its been two weeks since my bunionectomy and my doctor removed the stitches today from my puppet foot. He also switched out my soft cast for a hard cast. I get a lot of emails from people asking about the pain and process of the procedure so let me say this....

The pain sucks but it's intermittent. I was prescribed 60 tablets of Oxycontin to take one every 6 hours. The first three days following the procedure, I broke open the bottle at exactly 5.59 hours because the pain was as sharp and consistent as Law & Order re-runs. Since then, however, the pain is comparable to hiccups: aberrant, annoying but short-lived.

But the WORST part of a bunionectomy is the cast. I'm immobile, under house arrest, reliant upon others to bathe and although my toes are compromised, both my entire foot and shin are wrapped up tighter than a 19th Chinese princess with bound feet. Thought maybe my good toes would fall off from gangrene.

Plus, falling asleep is difficult because your mummy-bound foot immobilizes your ankle. And since your cast - by nature - compresses the bridge of your foot, your mind is monopolized with claustrophobia. I have to trick myself into thinking about something more pleasant like punching a bruise.

But I am told the end result will outweigh the process - kinda like having a baby. I have to admit when my doctor removed the stitches, despite the swelling, my bunion-less foot looked kind of cute, dainty even. Made me think maybe I'd even go through with my other foot after I fully recover. Hope can be so dangerous sometimes.

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